Medical Grade Isolation Transformers


ISO-PUCK isolation transformers do not feature output Neutral to Ground Bond. They provide a true floating system (IT Earthing System) for maximum protection against excessive ground leakage current.


ECRI Institute, Patient Safety Organization, recently issued an alert dealing with safety issues of Output Neutral Ground Bond in isolation transformers.

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Success Story :Why a Hospital Biomed Engineer chose ISO-PUCK




Mini ISO-PUCK for
TV's and Electronics


ISO-PUCK I on Medical Cart

Medical Carts


ISO-PUCK Transformers without enclosures

Medical Grade
Isolation Transformers
without enclosures

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For 60Hz or 50/60Hz Operation

Input Voltage: 120V/240V

Output Voltage: 120V/240V

Power Range:  200VA to 6000VA 

Healthcare Facilities - Protect Patients and Staff from Stray Current

Now you can provide electrical safety wherever electrical devices are being used. 

To address the growing concern about hazardous levels of leakage currents that exceed the limits set by NEC and UL 60601.1, the Tortran division introduced the ISO-PUCK series of enclosed transformers with attached input and output cords, plugs and receptacles in 2005.The leakage current of medical devices connected to the output of the ISOPUCK will consequently not exceed safety limits set by NEC and UL, EN and IEC 60601.1.

Healthcare Professionals - Save Money, Easy Installation, Broad Use

Avoid the expense of medical grade electronics.  Use less costly commercial printers, TV monitors, and other electronics by installing the ISOPUCK between these products and the wall outlet.  Easily mounts on walls with just one or two screws.

The ISOPUCK can be used anywhere including the operating room and with electrically powered exam tables and dentist chairs.  Regular commercial carts equipped with ISOPUCK can now comply with safety standards.

Serving the medical device industry in the USA and abroad, ISO-PUCK medical grade isolation transformers are available without enclosures and are certified to UL, EN and IEC 60601.1 with CE marking since 1998.

Medical Device Manufacturers – Save Money and Time

Bundle the ISO-PUCK with your product  and save the time and expense of additional testing to comply with UL or IEC60601.1 when importing or exporting products overseas. The ISO-PUCK is a quick and inexpensive solution to comply with European and International medical safety standards.